Healthy Sleep Tips for Children to Help Get a  Nights Peaceful Sleep

Healthy Sleep Tips for Children to Help Get a Nights Peaceful Sleep

Healthy Sleep Tips for Children to Help Get a  Nights Peaceful Sleep

It is quite common for toddlers to have sleep issues.  Kids between one to three years, tend to spend most of their time playing. Advice from sleep experts regarding healthy sleep tips for children can play an important role to soothe the little angels. Prof. Sarah Blunden has researched on children’s sleep pattern for 10+years. She has plenty of tips that can help kids doze off.

How to create Good Bedtime Habits

Restricting your child to a sleep time routine can be very tough, but it yields wonderful results. There are a few habits which act like a pacifier but in the long run can create more challenges. Examples of some of these habits include cradling and thumb sucking. Without these activities the child might not want to go to sleep. Creating good habits from the beginning helps prevent the child from developing poor practices longer term. To start with setting a regular sleeping hour can help immensely. This schedule helps the child understand the sleep and wake times. It sets the internal body clock according to the planned schedule and the child sleeps on his own and through the night.

Tips & Tricks to Help the Child Sleep

Children need a strategic push to start a healthy sleep time routine. Following are some of the healthy sleep tips for children:

  • Relaxing the busy brain is the key to preparing them for sleep.
  • A warm bath helps the body reach a comfortable temperature.
  • Changing into warm and clean clothes after bath time refreshes the body as well as the mind.
  • Dimming the light of the room creates an ambiance of sleep.
  • A soothing lullaby or a story acts as an excellent pacifier.
  • A warm bottle of milk makes them feel drowsy.
  • Gentle hypnotic music or song relaxes the mind.
  • Screening the room from the external noises makes it easy to doze off.
  • Keep their favorite toys in the crib to make them feel comfortable and cozy.
  • As suggested by Prof. Sarah Blunden, start a rewarding technique for staying in the bed for the whole night.

Points to Avoid for a Comfortable Sleep

  • Avoid sugary food and caffeine at least six hours before bedtime.
  • Stop the usage of the Computer, T.V, games, loud music, and other activities at least thirty minutes before sleeping.
  • Never make the toddler sleep anywhere in the house. Strictly use the crib or bed for sleeping.
  • Avoid heavy meal for dinner.
  • Late afternoon naps should be avoided completely.

Make the sleep routine a fun time for the child. This way they will not dread the sleep time.

Taking Help from an Expert

Prof. Sarah Blunden is an expert in analyzing the sleep pattern of kids. She is the author of the ‘Boss of my Sleep for Children’ which suggests taking the child to an enjoyable journey of sleep following the story about some Australian animals. Once the child has achieved their bedtime goals they are rewarded with stickers which further motivate them to sleep better the next night.

These smart steps ensure a good night’s sleep, which leads to a healthier and happier life.

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“Our toddler daughter] started waking up overnight and not wanting to go back to bed, so I tried this method and it was AMAZING!!! She stopped crying instantly and slept through the night. I will be forever worshipping your feet!!!!”


“Our son Oliver did not know how to put himself to sleep at night and it was a constant battle to even try and convince him to stay in his own room. As a result of him not getting enough sleep he was often challenging to deal with the following day/s. What an amazing transformation! The Boss of My Own Sleep taught him the strategies to put himself to sleep in a fun way. A BIG THANK YOU to Dr Blunden!!!!!!!!”

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