Comprehensive Analysis of How to Put a Toddler to Sleep​

Comprehensive Analysis of How to Put a Toddler to Sleep​

Comprehensive Analysis of How to Put a Toddler to Sleep​

Childhood is the best time of anyone’s life. Life is full of fun and no stress. In this fun period for kids it is quite often the parents who lose their night’s sleep as many kids and parents don’t understand the importance of a good bed time routine. Prof. Sarah Blunden has spent 10+ years in research on children’s sleep and strongly recommends incorporating a consistent daily routine in order to get the best results. Let’s summarize the key steps for parents on how to put a toddler to sleep:

Points to avoid

  • A heavy meal just before the bedtime can make kids irritated, so it’s better to avoid.
  • Consumption of caffeine should be strictly avoided at least six hours before bedtime.
  • Limit the reading in order to not stretch out the bed time routine past a certain timeframe which could result in a disturbed sleep.
  • Your stress can affect your child. It is important to stay calm even after repeated failures during the sleep time.
  • A sugary food which even includes fruits should be avoided in the evening. Too much excitement and activity before bedtime can hamper your child’s sleep.

Points to consider

  • A systematic bedtime routine is highly recommended. Warm bath after the dinner can be very relaxing, which helps your child sleep.
  • Warm milk settles down the body and prepares the child for a good sleep in a cozy cot or bed.
  • Keep the favorite stuffed toys and blankets near the toddler in the bed. It reassures their safety and keeps them from getting anxious.
  • Calm and dimly-lit room soothes the child. It is a very important step as all your efforts will be wasted if the ambiance of the bedroom is not suitable for your toddler’s sleep.
  • Establish a reward system. Give the toddler a star after every peaceful night’s sleep.
  • If they follow you out of the room, remind the child mildly but firmly of the bedtime routine.

Practicing activities of the bed time routine can help you achieve a relaxed and calm night.

Making the Tedious Routine a Fun Time

As your little angel stays busy the whole day in his own world of fun, the monotonous bedtime routine can be challenging for them. Making the bedtime look like a routine can produce adverse results. Read fun and happy stories with positive endings. This teaches the toddlers in a fun way. Lullabies and warm kisses are the best friends of your child. The ‘Boss of My Sleep for Children’ by Prof. Sarah Blunden gives a clear idea about how to put a toddler to sleep. In this book, Australian animals teach the toddlers to follow their sleep routine, which if followed will earn the child a sticker and after a number of stickers collected will earn an additional reward.

This book inspires the toddlers to be more systematic during the bedtime and to stay in the bed until the morning. So trying the techniques in this book will be highly beneficial for both the parents and the kids.


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“Our toddler daughter] started waking up overnight and not wanting to go back to bed, so I tried this method and it was AMAZING!!! She stopped crying instantly and slept through the night. I will be forever worshipping your feet!!!!”


“Our son Oliver did not know how to put himself to sleep at night and it was a constant battle to even try and convince him to stay in his own room. As a result of him not getting enough sleep he was often challenging to deal with the following day/s. What an amazing transformation! The Boss of My Own Sleep taught him the strategies to put himself to sleep in a fun way. A BIG THANK YOU to Dr Blunden!!!!!!!!”

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