Knowing It Is Time To Get Up

Knowing It Is Time To Get Up

Tricks to keep early morning wakers in their bed!

When child is in their own bed, as opposed to a cot, they will soon realise that they can get out…! And come to their parents bedrooms !

This is a normal part of development and does not have to be stressful for parents.

Children waking too early in the morning is a problem for the whole family. When children don’t get enough sleep overnight, they will be grumpy during the day. And when parents get woken up too early….it is harder to cope with grizzly children! Unless you take action to teach your children to sleep in later in the morning, this vicious cycle can become a very firm habit.

Like the Boss Of My Sleep Book, using fun things to get Toddlers to follow the rules is always helpful.

Children don’t know that time it is…they can’t tell the time from a regular clock and their body clock could be telling them it’s morning at 5am! Clocks that enable a toddler to understand when they can come out of their room and start their day, is a great way of making early morning waking manageable and also make it fun for the Toddler.

A bot like making rules fun !!

Things like the The Gro Clock, which is a sleep trainer clock uses a simple visual change to show when it is ‘morning’ and therefore when your child is allowed out of bed.

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“Our toddler daughter] started waking up overnight and not wanting to go back to bed, so I tried this method and it was AMAZING!!! She stopped crying instantly and slept through the night. I will be forever worshipping your feet!!!!”


“Our son Oliver did not know how to put himself to sleep at night and it was a constant battle to even try and convince him to stay in his own room. As a result of him not getting enough sleep he was often challenging to deal with the following day/s. What an amazing transformation! The Boss of My Own Sleep taught him the strategies to put himself to sleep in a fun way. A BIG THANK YOU to Dr Blunden!!!!!!!!”

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