Summarizing the Causes of Less Sleep in Toddlers

Summarizing the Causes of Less Sleep in Toddlers

Causes of less sleep in toddlers

Sleep regression is one of the most difficult times for both the parents and toddler. This is a period of time when the child encounters a very disturbed sleep. There are various reasons that contribute to the causes of less sleep in toddlers. Here are few of the points:

  • Your separation during the night makes the child feel insecure and uncomfortable. They want the warmth and comfort of your presence, which makes them unsettled when they are by themselves which ends up disturbing everyone’s sleep.
  • The combination of the night time, a darkroom and a child’s imagination is enough start thinking about all sorts of things which can make a child fearful.
  • Health related issues like an ear infection, stuffy nose and coughing also affect a peaceful night’s sleep.

Most of the behavioral issues are temporary and fade with time. It is important for parents who want to enjoy a undisturbed night’s sleep themselves to establish the healthy sleep habits in the kid.

Addressing the Causes of Sleeplessness

With growing age, you will face fresh challenges regarding your kid’s sleep. You should spend some time to identify the cause of the disturbed sleep and focus on resolving it. Here are a few causes of less sleep in toddlers and the ways to resolve them:

  • Transferring from Cot to Bed– During the potty training period, the toddler is generally transferred from cot to bed, which enables her to access the potty during the night. This shifting may cause a disturbance in the sleep. Prof. Sarah Blunden suggests the parents praise their child for staying in the bed for the whole night and this encourages the child to do so.
  • Bedtime struggles– Asking for one more story or lullaby during the bedtime makes their brain more active. Having a firm but a friendly bedtime routine will make sure the toddler will look forward to the sleep time schedule.
  • Anxious night time – The fear of the dark, monster beneath the bed, is a very common emotion at this age and Prof. Sarah Blunden has a perfect solution for this problem. She suggests keeping a monster repellant spray, which fights against all the demons and fears being sprayed.
  • Avoid over-stimulation- Toddlers can be busy and like to test boundaries at this busy age. Hyperactivity before bedtime only recharges the mind and makes bed time challenging. A nice cuddle and a soothing bath help in calming kids.
  • One-time sleep routine- If the child sleeps for extended periods during the day, say for more than 2 hours in a day, it could potentially impact how the child behaves during the bed time routine and then leading to a disturbed night time sleep. It is highly suggested to have a cat nap during the day time and not to encourage any long sleep for the rest of the day.

Books could be your Best Friend

Books are for gaining knowledge, but the book written by Prof. Sarah Blunden guides the parents to help the toddler sleep and the child is also encouraged to fulfill their bedtime routine. Reading this book, named ‘Boss of My Sleep for Children’ will calm them and will help make sleep time a less resisted time of the day.

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