Best Ways to Help a Toddler Sleep Throughout the Night

Toddlerhood is a period when kids have an extremely busy time. The little brains are always active and thrive for more. In this phase, it becomes nearly impossible for the parents to make their children sleep. Prof. Sarah Blunden suggests including a few good habits in their schedule to formulate a successful sleep routine. The best sleeping habit includes falling asleep without any help. In order to reach that goal, a firm but a friendly sleep routine should be formed and maintained regularly. Here are the ways to help a toddler sleep throughout the night peacefully.

  • Soothing the mind– It is very important to relax the mind before bedtime. A busy mind will not help a child fall asleep as it will wander around the toys and their recent activities. Keeping the child away from the toys and rigorous activities at least thirty minutes before bedtime helps soothe the brain.
  • Soothing the body– Along with the mind, the body needs to relax as well. Brushing the teeth, taking a warm bath, and changing into warm and fresh clothes, helps the body relax.
  • Framing a healthy routine– A good bed time routine will not only help with getting kids to sleep but also help with long term good sleep habits and a healthier life. Maintaining the routine daily– Creating a time bound routine helps the child understand when it is bed time.. They will know what to expect next if the routine is maintained on a regular basis.
  • Lullaby or a story– A comforting lullaby or a story helps the child feel relaxed and ready for sleep.
  • Monster repellent spray– This is the phase of life when the brain is in the most imaginative state. They imagine monsters and all sorts of other creatures are hiding beneath their bed. To assure their safety Prof. Blunden suggests creating a monster repellent spray. This way they will feel comfortable and won’t fear to sleep alone.
  • Favorite toys– Keeping their favorite toys in the crib or bed makes them feel cozy and safe.
  • Keeping the lights dim- It is highly suggested not to make the room completely dark. Once they wake at night they may feel scared of the darkness. This might create a phobia of being alone in the dark on a regular basis. Screening the outside light and sound- Lights and sounds from outside might over stimulate the imagination and make the child scared. The thick curtain in the window shuts the outside sound and light from entering the room.

Consider Taking Help from an Expert

Prof. Sarah Blunden has researched extensively on children’s sleep. She is an expert in treating kids who experience trouble sleeping. She has written an awesome book, named ‘Boss of my Sleep for Children’, which discusses ways to help a toddler sleep. In this book, the Australian animals have shared their bedtime routine, which inspires kids to fall asleep. She also suggests rewarding your kid with a sticker the next day for having a good night’s sleep.  The kids once they have achieved a certain number of stickers then get a prize which further reinforces the motivation to follow the bedtime routine.