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The Boss of my Sleep speaks to kids aged 3 – 8 and their parents and is a step by step guide on how to achieve sleeping through the night for Toddlers and young children. (This Book is available as downloadable PDF).

If your Toddler can’t or won’t stay in bed all night long this Book is for you. In this Book, Toddlers and young children are guided through their bedtime routine by a host of Australian animals, who share their bedtime rituals. When the child successfully does their bedtime routine, just like the animals do, they get a sticker as a reward. Next, to gain the next sticker reward, they stay quietly waiting in their bed. The second sticker, awarded in the morning, enables them to qualify for a prize, because they are The Boss of Their Sleep!

Child sleep specialist and author of ‘The Sleep Solution’ Dr Sarah Blunden has teamed up with anthropologist Dr Kirrilly Thompson to write a bedtime story designed to help children and their parents get a good nights sleep. Based on years of practice in a sleep clinic, and accompanied by a Parent guide on how to use the Book and get the best out of it, this Boss of My Sleep downloadable PDF Book can change your Toddler or young child’s sleep patterns so they feel clever, feel accomplished and most importantly, can stay in their bed all night long!

Everybody wins! Kids will be happier and healthier when they are the Boss of their Sleep They will learn to fall asleep faster, sleep better, and feel very proud of themselves at the same time.

This Book is not only an entertaining story to share with your kids at night, it is designed to teach them to go to bed, fall asleep and stay there until the morning. And that means a good sleep for everyone in the family. A Book written for kids, to benefit them and their parents! It is based on a tried and tested positive behavioral technique from a successful child sleep specialist.
(Stickers and prizes are not included).



The Boss of My Sleep book is, a downloadable book (thus readily and cheaply available without a trained professional) explaining a non-cry intensive sleep intervention system for these problems for parents to use with their child. The book tries to improve bedtime behaviour in children aged 3-8 years, with the aim of allowing young children to be confident enough to sleep alone.

Product includes The “Boss of My Sleep Book’ and ‘Parents Manual’ for the price of one.


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